Friday, April 08, 2005 Oklahoma City

Monolog Cabin: Check out the new faces and new jokes in the fifth edition of Tucson's own domestic comedy group Monolog Cabin, premiering at 7 p.m. tomorrow and Saturday in Club Congress at the Hotel Congress, 311 E. Congress St. For a taste of what real life is really about, not what it looks like in the movies, the writer/performers of Monolog Cabin tell it like it is. Or at least how it happened to them.

Making their MC debut are two performers, one with actual professional experience. Nick Adams (above) has worked as a comedy writer for both the Oxygen Network and Black Entertainment Television and as a stand-up comic, appearing at the Improv in Hollywood and at San Francisco's Punchline. Adams will be describing some of his experiences dating white women.

Sean Murphy is the other new face, dipping into the deep well of nostalgia for his story of being in a group of 13-year-olds who dress up as the rock band KISS for Halloween. But the real audience these kids want to impress is the college women who live in the house across the street.

Returning with new material drawn from their own lives are Charlotte Lowe-Bailey, her daughter Faitha, Sara Regezi and Steve Barancik. Admission is $5 at the door. For details, call the Hotel Congress at 798-1618.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Kensington Books throws down the gauntlet.

Well, not really. The folks over at Kensington were wondering if I could get them a draft of the manuscript by June 1st. To my agent's surprise, I was cool with the idea. 1. I work better with some sort of deadline. 2. The sooner I finish this thing, the sooner I get all of my advance and the sooner it gets published. So, for the next two months I need to be on the ball.

Mercifully, the NCAA tournament has ended. After my Deacons were eliminated in that double overtime heartbreaker, I just couldn't get myself to watch any games until the final four. Combine the lack of college basketball with my Lakers' fall from grace and I have very little reason not to be writing my ass off now.

Currently the greatest and best song in the world: MF Doom & MF Grimm, Bottle Rocket, Special Herbs & Spices Vol. 1.
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