Saturday, June 04, 2005

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Our time in Tucson has come to a close. Two days ago, we packed up a 24 foot moving truck, loaded the cats in our trusty Honda civic and put The Old Pueblo in our rear view mirror for good.

Let me say this. I'm never doing the self-move thing again. Ever. I don't care if we move across the street when this lease is up. I'm paying someone to do that shit. In fact, unless it's a family member or this man right here, I'm never touching another box as long as I live. That's my friend Jamal by the way. If you ever need someone to do backbreaking labor for very little compensation, don't ask him. He's already done his fair share for Tasha & I.

Our new joint here in LA is great and we love our neighborhood. I'm just so freaking excited to be back in the city I don't know what to do. Oh wait, I do know what to do. Go to the nearest bar and get shit-faced; which is exactly what we plan to do tonight. Next blog comedy immersion.
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