Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Let's talk Bjork.

Oh, you don't like Bjork? Well, sir, you and I can't have a conversation about music. Sure, if you're totally ignorant of her music, I'll still talk to you. I'll direct you to sprint to the nearest record store, grab any of her albums and begin educating yourself immediately. I'll hammer the issue so much that you'll be sub-consciously compelled to buy her stuff.

But, if you tell me you don't like Bjork? We can't talk about music my friend. We just cannot. That's how talented I think she is. That's how much I love her music. That's how much I think of her as an artist. The fact that someone does not like her is enough for me to make a judgment on that person’s musical taste as a whole.

She’s brilliant, and amazing and she’s done it again. I’m listening to Medulla and I can’t believe how she took something that sounded like failure waiting to happen and make it sound this good.

Sorry, Natalie, but Ms. Gudmumdsdottir has regained her position as my favorite white girl.
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