Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Don't front on Maui

Don't you dare. It was just as amazing as I remembered it. It was even better this time because we were there for two weeks instead of just one. This way, I could spend an afternoon just reading or watching the Olympics and not feel guilty about it. I divided my time equally between snorkeling, drinking smoothies, writing and eating massive amounts of food.

I had a real "one with the sea" moment in Honolua Bay just north of Kapalua when I ran into a couple of sea turtles. It's cool to see the fish and all, but when you see something a little more exotic, it really makes you feel like you've done something. Between that and the two eel sightings I had, I feel like I took it to higher level than last time. I hope those underwater cameras were worth the money I spent on them.

Just before I left, I talked to my agent. She liked the pages I sent her and would love to have 100 pages total to take out after Labor Day. So, I spent a lot of time working on the book in Maui. A few rum-filled strawberry-pineapple drinks, and an ocean breeze does wonders for the creative process. I'm now at 75 pages and I feel great about what I have.
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