Monday, August 02, 2004

Scratch one more off the list.

I got back from Montana last night. I never thought I'd find myself typing those words. I also never thought I'd be living in Tucson either. Tasha's friend from Stanford got married and she was in the wedding. After a 1 & 1/2 hour drive to Phoenix, an overnight there, then a flight to St. Lake City, another flight to Great Falls, MT and then a 3 hour drive to St. Mary. The next time I hear some right-wing nut talking about how immigrants are causing over crowding and taxing our resources, I'm going to point him in the direction of Montana. Believe me, we've got plenty of space in this country. The drive was incredibly scenic, but the town was totally in the middle of nowhere. Oddly enough, it's a really nice resort once you actually get there. Great rooms with amazing views, small town polite staff, and amazing food. A group of us got a little high and a little drunk and went to the hotel restaurant for dinner the night we got there. Everyone was sampling everyone else's food so, in addition to my trout (excellent), I tasted whitefish (excellent), buffalo prime rib (the second best prime rib that I had last weekend; excellent), foie gras sausage (how Iron Chef is that? excellent), a brownie sundae (excellent) and huckleberry cheese cake (in my best Mr. Burns voice; eeeexcellent.)

Most of the young people there were friends from college, so everyone was eager to slip back into their undergrad party mode. I haven't drank that much in a long time. The only slight drawback was that I shared a room with my wife and two of her female friends. I'll admit the caveman in me was slightly intrigued by this idea. But the husband in me was smart enough to know that none of my "Porky's" influenced fantasy's were going to come through. Thankfully, I grew up in a house with 3 women so I've seen more than my fair share ofslips, bras and hose. No big deal.

Going to weddings is more fun after you're married. You just sit back and enjoy and say the same thing, "It was a fun wedding. But not as fun as ours."

Talked to my agent today, and she really liked the pages I sent her. It always surprises and excites me how enthusiastic she is. She wants to have even more to show people when she tries to sell it, so now we're going to shoot for having 100 pages. Which means I have a lot of writing to do. So, the laptop gets loaded up tomorrow morning for our flight to Hawaii. Two weeks this time, and I'm looking forward to it. Let's hope the great weather, rum-filled smoothies and snorkeling are conducive towards fueling my comedic black rage to the tune of about 4 pages a day.
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