Saturday, August 28, 2004

We are the "Axis of Evil"

Saw Control Room last night. It was amazing. It's almost like Al Jazeera was covering an entirely different war. In their war, they actually questioned the US government's logic for invading Iraq. Go figure. I always forget how horrible the state of journalism is in this country until I see the way the war is portrayed outside the states. For example, Al Jazeera got a lot of flack from the administration and the coalition forces for showing graphic footage of injured civilians. Why shouldn't they show that stuff? Their covering the freaking war, and that's the number one result of war. Death. If you want to vote for a war, and support the troops that's fine, but you should be forced to see the consequences every evening on the news as you sit down to dinner. I'm talking about dead soldiers, little kids with third degree burns on their faces, women crying because their homes have been destroyed...the works.

After seeing movies like this or reading stuff like Richard Clarke's "Against All Enemies", I really don't know if I could live in America for another four years of this administration. I keep thinking that we could just move to Vancouver after she's done with this program. I've never been there, but I've never heard anything but good stuff about the town. It's just up the road from Seattle, where her folks live. With the way the Canadian government treats marijuana, I could do four years there easily. That's how disgusted I am by this administration and this entire country right now. We've just buried our heads in the sand and let a small group of rich, powerful people screw us over time and time again. The worst part is that they aren't even discreet about it. Every American with a library card or an internet connection can find out about all the horrible things we've done and continue to do. Yet, a huge portion of the country still intends to vote for this idiot who didn't even win the first election.

I can't write about this anymore or I won't be able to enjoy my Saturday.
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