Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Kensington Books throws down the gauntlet.

Well, not really. The folks over at Kensington were wondering if I could get them a draft of the manuscript by June 1st. To my agent's surprise, I was cool with the idea. 1. I work better with some sort of deadline. 2. The sooner I finish this thing, the sooner I get all of my advance and the sooner it gets published. So, for the next two months I need to be on the ball.

Mercifully, the NCAA tournament has ended. After my Deacons were eliminated in that double overtime heartbreaker, I just couldn't get myself to watch any games until the final four. Combine the lack of college basketball with my Lakers' fall from grace and I have very little reason not to be writing my ass off now.

Currently the greatest and best song in the world: MF Doom & MF Grimm, Bottle Rocket, Special Herbs & Spices Vol. 1.


Blogger Rob said...

How is the writing going?

8:34 AM  
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