Monday, December 13, 2004

Where to?

It’s been a rough few days over here in casa de Adams. There’s a TV show gearing up that I thought I’d be perfect for. No. I knew I’d be perfect for. I became acquaintances with the creator quite a while back, but lost touch with him over the past few years. I’d hoped to be able to get a spec that I wrote of the show in his hands before they made their decisions. It seems as if I’m too late.

The thing that frustrates me is that I know this persons point of view extremely well. The main reason is that he’s someone who thinks like I think on a lot of issues. Race, politics, music, etc. I also know the characters like the back of my hand. I honestly thought that this might be the thing to get me—and eventually, us—back to LA Now, it looks like I’ll have to cross my fingers and hope for a big fat advance for my book.

People keep asking us where we’re headed after Tucson, and we honestly have no idea. We’d both love to live in New York while we still have a little bit of party left in us, but we can’t even afford to live poorly in NYC right now. It’s frustrating because, creatively, it’s perfect for the both of us. A fiction writer/magazine writer and a comedian/non-fiction writer in NY sounds like a dream come true. The problem is that we need to really start getting a handle on things financially. Especially since we’re both ready to start banging out a few little Adamses.

We both love San Francisco, and Tasha has family there, but Frisco is just about as expensive as NY. And if I’m going to pay NY prices, you bet your sweet ass I’m going to live in NY. Or Tokyo.

LA seems like the obvious choice. We both have some professional connections there. We both have friends still there. I have some family there, and we’d be within driving distance of some of her family. Also, I want to beat LA. When we moved to Tucson, part of me felt like I was leaving LA with my tail between my legs. I made some progress in the comedy world there, but I didn’t accomplish nearly what I wanted to. Getting your foot in the door is almost worse than not gaining entry at all. It’s one thing to not be able to get a manager, but it’s worse having a manger tell you that, “You’re funny, you’re likable, you’re a really good joke writer. I just don’t know what we could do with you.” Someone actually told me that. And this was someone who’d had a client bomb at the Montreal Comedy Festival… and still was able to get a development deal. Imagine what he could do with someone who’s actually funny!

As much as the chance to live in NY excites me, I still want another crack at LA.


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