Wednesday, July 14, 2004

31 creeps in on little cat feet

I'm old. I swear to God, it happened over night. When I was in college, I would go to the gym after classes and stay for 2 or 3 hours. I could walk onto the court, tie my shoes and be running full speed right off the bat. Now, I have to stretch before I even get to the gym, then stretch again when I get there. After all of that, I still need the first few trips up and down the court to get warmed up. The things I used to do to make me a much better than average player--like boxing out, playing solid D, setting screens--I now have to do make me an average player. Besides the fact that I think I left my jump shot somewhere in my student apartment at Wake Forest University.


Blogger Champion said...

yo...was reading the entourage post on okplaya and saw you had a blog. this was a great post that resonates well with me esp everytime i lace up the sr yr at wake my intramural squad was the first team to beat the football team in the finals (granted we had one former fball player, one former hoops walk-on and one should have been hoops walk-on until a weed arrest) in my 4yrs. back then i could it comes and goes and this is at 26...i only run hoops evey so often, but still... what the hell happened? deacs are #1 according to andy katz, which i had to blog today....was stives running ball when you were there? was in nyc last week and was waxing with another boy from wake about how everyone that ran hoops at wake for like a 7yr span knew that cat. the big question i have is what do you think of sasha cohen? the gay dude skit with the preacher was bananas this week. good luck with the book and the blog...


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