Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The book

So...I'm writing a book. It started out as a really small idea that was more about finding something to do with my time here in AZ more than anything else. Now, with the help of an agent with some foresight, it's turned into a full fledged book.
it's even more intimidating than it sounds. When you're writing jokes for stand up, you can take solace in the fact that you don't have to write a huge chunk of material at a time. Or at least I can. If I set down to write at a coffee shop somewhere for an hour and I get one good new joke out of it...I'm more than happy.
with writing a book, I tend to judge myself on sheer volume or work that I can accomplish. If I sit down at the computer to write I feel like I can't get up until I've written a certain amount of pages.
as for the book itself,my agent wanted me to get about 50 pages of it done before she went to publishers with it. 44 pages in, I'm at a good stopping point and I'm pretty proud of what I have. I'm pretty anxious to get this first chunk polished up and shipped off to her so I can keep working on it.
time to get ready for basketball. My knees are a ticking time bomb at this point so I feel like I have to play while I can still walk.


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